Onieric interlude N°1 & Riddle

In the following interludes the lyrical cat works his way through a recursive dream structure with changing scenery. A celtic forest atmosphere prevails today, with a spicy and fruity long lingering finish. After the dream sequence, Lord Albert’s cockatto-counter-theme

is introduced in a cryptic note.


June 24 - Indifferent grey weather. It means to rain but does not rain.


I go for a morning stroll in the orchard to sweat out a dream - a dreaded celtic tongue-twister dream, that will not get out of my mind...


Myth-deep forest. Mumbling sea. Dripping sun. Fractal ferns tickle my spine, stringy druids play dominoes with megaliths and sizzling salt-blossom melts into butter biscuit. Then, razor-sharp – the scream: expression of a damsel in distress, slit open by dragon teeth – answered by the gallop of the salvatory steed.

Clip-Clop, again a gallop. A filigree horse must expectorate violently and syncopates into the peat moss. As my affectionate tail brushes the knight's shinbone, he stirs in awe and pulls up his visor - but in his helmet, no head. Instead a rusty squirrel with fashionable ear tips. It knits winter socks with moose motifs and stares at me with scorn. Bursts of laughter from the druid council.


I wake up bathed in sweat, peel a piece of fruit and write a distich about the chemical marriage of cream-butter and salt-blossom.

June 28 - A note by Lord Albert.


My affectionate Felix,

Rumors quickly make the rounds when raven folk feast in elder bushes, and your lyrical question marks have tickled my curiosity. Remember the salutary marriage of cinchona bark and juniper spirit, as they whirl together through glaciers and cucumber volutes, and honour me on Saturday with a visit to my feudal homey clubhouse.

Come alone as soon as Count Dracula sits down at the dressing table for ball night. The password will be Knight-Fork.

Yours, Lord A.



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